Tableau Desktop and Public Installation

In this tutorial, we will go through the installation process of the Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public 64-bit version on the Windows 10 system. The Tableau Desktop comes with a trial period of 15 days and later we can buy the product as per requirement but Tableau Public comes as a free version for which we don't need to pay and we can use it freely. The Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public installation follow the different steps that we will see in the below section. Once the Environment Setup of Tableau is completed post that we can start using Tableau to perform the Data analytics operation.

Steps to Install Tableau Desktop

The Tableau Desktop can be used as a trial period of 15 days post that we would need to buy the license. Let us see the step-by-step Installation process of Tableau Desktop.

Step 1. Download the Personal Tableau Desktop Edition from the below link. It will ask you to enter your detail such as your email id for downloading the Tableau Desktop Software, after entering the email id click on the Download Free Trail post that the Downloading will start.

Tableau Desktop Download:-

Tableau Desktop software download cloudduggu

Tableau Desktop Download start cloudduggu

Step 2. Once the Tableau Desktop download is completed, go to the Downloads folder and start the Installation Wizard as shown in the below snapshot.

Tableau downloaded version cloudduggu

Accept the Tableau Licence Agreement by clicking on the checkbox and click on the install button to start the Tableau Desktop Installation.

Tableau installation wizard cloudduggu

The Tableau Desktop Installation Wizard will start as mentioned in the below snapshot.

Tableau installation wizard starts cloudduggu

Step 3. Once the Tableau Desktop Installation is completed, it will ask you to choose the license, If you have the license key then go ahead with the Activate with the Product Key option otherwise choose the Start Trail Now option to start the Tableau 14 days of Trail Version.

Tableau trial version cloudduggu

Step 4. Fill the Tableau Registration form by providing your details such as name, email ID, company name, etc. After this click on the register button to proceed further.

Tableau registration form cloudduggu

Step 5. Once the Tableau Registration is completed the following window will be shown.

Tableau registration complete cloudduggu

Step 6. Once the Tableau Installation is completed, we can verify the Tableau installation by going to the Window Start Menu and opening the Tableau. The below Tableau window will appear.

Tableau book1 cloudduggu

Steps to Install Tableau Public(free)

Tableau Public is a freely available platform for anyone to use and explore data virtualization. It is being used by thousands of people and organizations across the globe to create data virtualization. Let us explore the steps to install the Tableau Public.

Step 1. Download the Tableau Public Version from the below link. Enter your email ID and click on the Download the App button to start the Downloading. Once you click on the Download the App button the Downloading will start.

Tableau Public(free) Download:-

Tableau Public download cloudduggu

Step 2. After the completion of Tableau Public download, go to the Downloads folder and start the Installation Wizard as shown in the below snapshot.

Tableau public downloaded version cloudduggu

Step 3. Post completion of Tableau Public installation, go to the start menu and start the Tableau Public as mentioned below.

Tableau public start cloudduggu

Now we have completed the set up of the Tableau Desktop Trial Verison and Tableau Public Verison to Learn Tableau.