Tableau shows the detail of fields in the data pane that is present on the left side of the worksheet. Each field has its role and a data type defined and fields are determined by the data source through which we are connected. For example, if we are connected to the relational data source then the fields are determined by the columns of view or the table. If we are connected to the cube(multidimensional) data source then the fields are decided by the dimensions and measures of a cube. Tableau supports Cube data source for windows only. Some of the fields don't come from the data source which are Measure Names and Measure Values, Number of Records, Latitude, and Longitude.

Tableau Fields Type

Tableau Data Pane includes the following list of fields.

1. Dimension fields

The Tableau Dimension fields are used to hold the qualitative values such as employee name, joining date, segments, geographical data, and so on. We can use the Dimension fields to bifurcate the segment and fetch the relevant data.

2. Measure fields

The Tableau Measure fields contain the data on which some calculation and aggregation can be performed such as sales data, company profile, number of employees, frequency, and so on. Tableau performs the default aggregation on Measure fields.

3. Calculated fields

The Tableau Calculated fields are those fields that are created manually using a calculation to provide an analysis when the underlying data has not included all fields.

Adding Fields To Tableau Worksheet

We can add the fields in Tableau Worksheet by right-clicking on the field or by using the Drag and Drop functionality. In the below figure we are using the right-click option to add the field to the worksheet.

tableau design flow cloudduggu

Combining Two fields in Tableau Worksheet

We can combine two fields to make a single name. Once we combine both fields the name of the field will be the combination of both columns and the value will be separated by a comma. In the following example, we are combining the "Customer ID and Customer Name" in a single column.

tableau combined fields cloudduggu

Once both fields are combined the new name will be will created by combining both columns and data will be separated by comma as mentioned in the below figure.

tableau combined column data cloudduggu

Searching Fields in Tableau Sheet

We can search the field name just by typing 3 or 4 characters in the search box of the data pane.

tableau search field cloudduggu