In a Programming language, a package is a collection of classes and interfaces, and objects, and based on the requirement a developer can import the package into his program.

In Scala, There following three packages are imported implicitly.

  • java.lang._
  • scala._
  • scala.Predef._

Scala Package Creation

In Scala, packages are created by declaring one or more package names at the top of a Scala file.

package package_name // classes // traits // objects..

Scala Package Import

Import clauses are used to import packages. It can be used anywhere in the program as an independent statement which Java does not allow.

import admin._ // This statement will import everything from the admin package import admin.User // This statement will import the class User import admin.{User, UserPreferences} // This statement will only imports selected members import admin.{UserPreferences => UPrefs} // This statement will import and rename for