Apache Hadoop Job Roles and Salaries

Big data Hadoop is a very fast-growing technology and if an individual wants to learn Hadoop he/she can learn it and get jobs in the big data field. Big Data Hadoop market is growing very fast and there are many job opportunities present out there. Hadoop offers many roles and in this tutorial, we will discuss various job roles.

There are multiple job roles present for Hadoop.

1. Hadoop Architect

Hadoop Architect is responsible to design and plan big data architecture and responsible to deploy large-scale Hadoop applications. He should have a better understanding of the surrounding system of an organization and with this help, he can present a better Big data proposal solution.

Skill Required for Hadoop Architect
  • Very good knowledge of Hadoop Architecture and its ecosystems.
  • Good knowledge of Java, MapReduce, Hive, base.

2. Hadoop Administrator

Hadoop Administrator is responsible for the implementation and support of the Hadoop environment. He is responsible for installing Hadoop in the Linux cluster environment, tuning Hadoop cluster and Hadoop MapReduce routines, making sure that name node and data nodes are up and running, He is also responsible for monitoring Hadoop cluster connectivity and security and troubleshoots application errors.

Skill Required for Hadoop Administrator
  • He should have a good knowledge of Linux shell scripting.
  • He should have a good knowledge of Hive, Oozie, HCatalog, HDFS, Hbase, filesystem.

3. Hadoop Developer

Hadoop Developer is responsible for designing, building, installing, configuring, and supporting the Hadoop environment, he will load data from multiple data sets and preprocess data using hive and ping. He will examine data sets and discover useful information. He will translate complex and technical requirements into detailed design. He is responsible to write tuned queries and follow best practices.

Skill Required for Hadoop Developer
  • A good program writing skill is required for MapReduce.
  • Good hands-on skill on Hive queries.
  • Good hands-on skill on Pig Latin scripts.
  • A good understanding of Sqoop and Flume and workflow schedulers like Oozie.

4. Hadoop Tester

Hadoop Tester is responsible to test and troubleshoot Hadoop Applications. Hadoop Tester plays an important role in the Software Development life system process. He will conduct positive and negative testing in all components of Hadoop to find bugs. He will create a report of all bugs and present it to the development team.

Skill Required for Hadoop Tester
  • He should have good knowledge of unit testing (JUnit, MRUnit) framework.
  • He should have good knowledge of JAVA so that he can test MapReduce Jobs.
  • He should have a good understanding of the Hadoop ecosystem and hands-on knowledge of Hive, Pig, MapReduce, Java, Scala, and so on.

5. Data Scientist

The Data Scientist role is very high in demand. They resolve real word issues using real-time data. Data Scientist is responsible for planning and developing big data analytics projects based on business requirements. They work with application developers to fetch relevant data for analysis, they also contribute to data modeling, data mining, and data analysis.

Skill Required for Data Scientist
  • Very sound knowledge of data analytics.
  • Good knowledge of Pig, Java, Hive, SQL, R, Python.