MongoDB provides the delete method to delete one Document or multiple Documents in a Collection. In this section, we will go through the MongoDB delete method.

The following delete method is supported by MongoDB.

  • db.collection_name.deleteOne()
  • db.collection_name.deleteMany()

Let us see each delete method in detail.


The MongoDB deleteOne() method is used to delete a single Document from the Collection.


The following is the syntax of deleteOne() method.

db.collection.deleteOne({ field_1: value_1, .. })

Let us see the example of deleteOne() method. We have a Collection name "item_inventory" present under the database "mongodb_test" that we created in the Insert Document section. We will use the "item_inventory" Collection to delete one Document where the item_name is equal to "journal".

Example :

use mongodb_test
db.item_inventory.find( { } )
db.item_inventory.deleteOne( { item_name: "journal" } )


We can see from the below output that the Document where item_name is qual to "journal" is deleted.

Mongodb delete one command


The MongoDB deleteMany() method is used to delete all Documents from a Collection if no filter condition is provided. If we pass a filter condition then it will delete all of the matching Documents.


The below is the syntax of deleteMany() method of MongoDB.

db.collection_name.deleteMany({ field1: value1, .. })    /* This Syntax will delete Docuemnts based on the Filter Condition*/
db.collection_name.deleteMany({})       /* This Syntax will delete all Docuemnts from the Collection. */

In the below example we will use the deleteMany method with filter and without filter condition to delete Documents. With filter condition, we will delete all Documents where item_name is equal to "mouse", and without filter condition, we will delete all Documents of the "item_inventory" Collection.

Example :

db.item_inventory.deleteMany( { item_name: "mouse" } )
> db.item_inventory.deleteMany( { } )


Mongodb delete many command