Apache Cassandra is a widely used open-source NoSql database solution that was developed at Facebook. It is used by a wide range of organizations such as Netflix, Apple, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, Rackspace, Cisco, and so on to perform different use cases. The Cassandra node setup is simple and the maintenance is automatically done. Cassandra takes care of the resynchronization and distribution of the data. The distributed decentralized architecture of Cassandra and the columnar storage facility provide a high speed of reading and writing operations on structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

The following is the list of Cassandra use cases that we often see.

Inventory management and E-commerce

The E-commerce companies are using Apache Cassandra to avoid site down issues and achieve a cost-effective scale because they can't afford the site down issue in peak hours. Cassandra's distributed and multi-region replication provides high availability of data and ensures zero downtime. The peer-to-peer architecture put data in the resign around the world and closed to the customer due to which the response of query is very fast.

The following are some of the reasons for using Apache Cassandra for E-commerce companies.

  • Cassandra Architecture consists of the distributed nodes and multi-region replication capability that provides zero downtime even if the whole region is down.
  • The Peer-to-Peer architecture of Cassandra provides a fast response to customer queries by placing data near the region of the customer.
  • Cassandra‚Äôs horizontal scalability is very cost-effective and straightforward.
  • Cassandra refreshes the catalog in real-time and very fast.

(IoT)Internet of things and edge computing

The IoT devices are producing never-ending data such as weather tracking, traffic detail, health indicators, sensors data, vehicles, mobile device data, and so on. Apache Cassandra is capable of ingesting the concurrent data from any node with him and capable to handle any high-velocity data.

Below are some of the reasons in which Apache Cassandra is fit for the (IoT)Internet of things and edge computing devices.

  • All nodes in Apache Cassandra can perform read and write operations and can ingest data concurrently.
  • Apache Cassandra is capable of handling high volume and time-series data.
  • Apache Cassandra supports real-time analysis and high availability.

Authentication and Fraud Detection

Security threats are always a concern in organizations and companies are using the smart fraud detection mechanism to catch those frauds because hackers are trying different ways to hack sensitive customer data.

The following are some of the reasons to use Apache Cassandra in Fraud detection and authentication.

  • Apache Cassandra provides the flexible schema and data type to handle a variety of data.
  • Apache Cassandra supports complex analysis and incorporates AI(artificial intelligence) and Machine learning algorithms.

There are many other use cases of Apache Cassandra which are mentioned in the below section.

  • Logistics management and asset management
  • Financial services and payments system
  • Messaging Service
  • Playlists solution
  • Transaction logging system
  • Content management systems
  • Tracking systems such as order tracking etc
  • Digital and media management solution