Cassandra Tutorial


Apache Cassandra is the NoSQL distributed database system developed by Apache Software Foundation to handle massive data without providing a single failure. In this Apache Cassandra Tutorial, we will go through the Introduction of Cassandra, Architecture of Cassandra, Installation of Cassandra, shell commands, basic operations such as Create, Delete, Update, Drop, Read. Apart from this, we will see the data type and use Cases of Apache Cassandra. The Apache Cassandra is used in more than a thousand organizations to achieve better performance and high data availability.


This Tutorial is created in an easy language that will be suitable for any individual who is already having a basic knowledge of Databases, NoSQL concepts, basic Linux commands, and a basic Java programming language.


This Apache Cassandra Tutorial is designed for professionals who are eager to learn the NoSql database Cassandra and want to explore the NoSql, distributed database. This course will provide a practical example that will be helpful in practice.

So let's Begin it, Happy Learning.