Apache Strom is used by many enterprises and helping them to benefit their day-to-day operation.

The following are some of the applications of Strom used companies.

The Weather Channel

Apache Storm topologies are used by The Weather Channel to consume weather data. Their data processing is done through each topology in which they fetch data from either internal or external networks, redesigning that data set for further use, and then put it in a relational database.


Telecom companies are using Apache Storm to process their call records such as call drop, poor network, breaking voice, and so on. They use Apache Storm to process call details in real-time and identify bottlenecks to fix them. Apache Storm helps them to analyze these issues and improves their call quality and customer satisfaction.

Health Market Science

Health Market Science is the provider of data management services to healthcare companies. It uses Storm to ingest data and writes the data on multiple machines. This helps HMS to provide master data management for various healthcare requirements such as data quality, reliability, and operational support.

Online Music Streaming

Music companies are using Apache Storm's real-time analysis capability to provide music recommendation, monitoring, analysis, parallel task processing, and so on. Apache Strom is acting as a backbone for real-time online music processing.

Ads Network

Advertise service providing companies are using Apache Strom to find out which type of ads should be shown on the user's website. They are using Apache Storm in real-time to calculate the significances of the website, visitor behavior, and so on.


Loggly is a cloud-based log management platform. It uses Apache Strom in its ingestion pipeline to perform analysis of billions of logs getting generated on daily basis.


Alibaba is a big brand e-commerce website in the world. It uses Apache Storm to process application logs and changes made to databases so that real-time change data can be reflected in other applications.


Flipboard uses Apache Strom for content searching, real-time analytics, custom magazine feeds.