AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Sample Question and Answers Set 8(351-400)

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QUESTION NO: 351-  Which AWS services can be used to move data from on-premises data centers to AWS? (Choose two.)

(A)   AWS Snowball.

(B)   AWS Lambda.

(C)   Amazon ElastiCache.

(D)   AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS).

(E)   Amazon API Gateway.

  Answer:  A, D

QUESTION NO: 352-  A batch workload takes 5 hours to finish on an Amazon EC2 instance. The amount of data to be processed doubles monthly and the processing time is proportional.
What is the best cloud architecture to address this consistently growing demand?

(A)   Run the application on a bigger EC2 instance size.

(B)   Switch to an EC2 instance family that better matches batch requirements.

(C)   Distribute the application across multiple EC2 instances and run the workload in parallel.

(D)   Run the application on a bare metal EC2 instance.

  Answer:  E

QUESTION NO: 353-  Each department within a company has its own independent AWS account and its own payment method. New company leadership wants to centralize departmental governance and consolidate payments.
How can this be achieved using AWS services or features?

(A)   Forward monthly invoices for each account. Then create IAM roles to allow cross-account access.

(B)   Create a new AWS account. Then configure AWS Organizations and invite all existing accounts to join.

(C)   Configure AWS Organizations in each of the existing accounts. Then link all accounts together

(D)   Use Cost Explorer to combine costs from all accounts. Then replicate IAM policies across accounts.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 354-  The ability to horizontally scale Amazon EC2 instances based on demand is an example of which concept in the AWS Cloud value proposition?

(A)   Economy of scale.

(B)   Elasticity.

(C)   High availability.

(D)   Agility.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 355-  An ecommerce company anticipates a huge increase in web traffic for two very popular upcoming shopping holidays.
Which AWS service or feature can be configured to dynamically adjust resources to meet this change in demand?

(A)   AWS CloudTrail.

(B)   Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling.

(C)   Amazon Forecast.

(D)   AWS Config.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 356-  Which AWS service enables users to securely connect to AWS resources over the public internet?

(A)   Amazon VPC peering.

(B)   AWS Direct Connect.

(C)   AWS VPN.

(D)   Amazon Pinpoint.

  Answer:  C

QUESTION NO: 357-  Which tool is used to forecast AWS spending?

(A)   AWS Trusted Advisor.

(B)   AWS Organizations.

(C)   Cost Explorer.

(D)   Amazon Inspector.

  Answer:  C

QUESTION NO: 358-  A company is running an ecommerce application hosted in Europe. To decrease latency for users who access the website from other parts of the world, the company would like to cache frequently accessed static content closer to the users.
Which AWS service will support these requirements?

(A)   Amazon ElastiCache.

(B)   Amazon CloudFront.

(C)   Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS).

(D)   Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS).

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 359-  Which of the following is a component of the AWS Global Infrastructure?

(A)   Amazon Alexa.

(B)   AWS Regions.

(C)   Amazon Lightsail.

(D)   AWS Organizations.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 360-  Which AWS service will help users determine if an application running on an Amazon EC2 instance has sufficient CPU capacity?

(A)   Amazon CloudWatch.

(B)   AWS Config.

(C)   AWS CloudTrail.

(D)   Amazon Inspector.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 361-  Why is it beneficial to use Elastic Load Balancers with applications?

(A)   They allow for the conversion from Application Load Balancers to Classic Load Balancers.

(B)   They are capable of handling constant changes in network traffic patterns.

(C)   They automatically adjust capacity.

(D)   They are provided at no charge to users.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 362-  Which tasks are the customer’s responsibility in the AWS shared responsibility model? (Choose two.)

(A)   Infrastructure facilities access management.

(B)   Cloud infrastructure hardware lifecycle management.

(C)   Configuration management of user’s applications.

(D)   Networking infrastructure protection.

(E)   Security groups configuration.

  Answer:  C, E

QUESTION NO: 363-  IT systems should be designed to reduce interdependencies, so that a change or failure in one component does not cascade to other components.
This is an example of which principle of cloud architecture design?

(A)   Scalability.

(B)   Loose coupling.

(C)   Automation.

(D)   Automatic scaling.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 364-  Which AWS service or feature can enhance network security by blocking requests from a particular network for a web application on AWS? (Choose two.)

(A)   AWS WAF.

(B)   AWS Trusted Advisor.

(C)   AWS Direct Connect.

(D)   AWS Organizations.

(E)   Network ACLs.

  Answer:  A, E

QUESTION NO: 365-  An application runs on multiple Amazon EC2 instances that access a shared file system simultaneously.
Which AWS storage service should be used?

(A)   Amazon EBS.

(B)   Amazon EFS.

(C)   Amazon S3.

(D)   AWS Artifact.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 366-  A web application is hosted on AWS using an Elastic Load Balancer, multiple Amazon EC2 instances, and Amazon RDS.
Which security measures fall under the responsibility of AWS? (Choose two.)

(A)   Running a virus scan on EC2 instances.

(B)   Protecting against IP spoofing and packet sniffing.

(C)   Installing the latest security patches on the RDS instance.

(D)   Encrypting communication between the EC2 instances and the Elastic Load Balancer.

(E)   Configuring a security group and a network access control list (NACL) for EC2 instances.

  Answer:  B, C

QUESTION NO: 367-  What is the benefit of elasticity in the AWS Cloud?

(A)   Ensure web traffic is automatically spread across multiple AWS Regions.

(B)   Minimize storage costs by automatically archiving log data.

(C)   Enable AWS to automatically select the most cost-effective services.

(D)   Automatically adjust the required compute capacity to maintain consistent performance.

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 368-  The continual reduction of AWS Cloud pricing is due to:

(A)   pay-as-you go pricing.

(B)   the AWS global infrastructure.

(C)   economies of scale.

(D)   reserved storage pricing.

  Answer:  C

QUESTION NO: 369-  A company needs an Amazon S3 bucket that cannot have any public objects due to compliance requirements.
How can this be accomplished?

(A)   Enable S3 Block Public Access from the AWS Management Console.

(B)   Hold a team meeting to discuss the importance if only uploading private S3 objects.

(C)   Require all S3 objects to be manually approved before uploading.

(D)   Create a service to monitor all S3 uploads and remove any public uploads.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 370-  A Cloud Practitioner identifies a billing issue after examining the AWS Cost and Usage report in the AWS Management Console.
Which action can be taken to resolve this?

(A)   Open a detailed case related to billing and submit it to AWS Support for help.

(B)   Upload data describing the issue to a new object in a private Amazon S3 bucket.

(C)   Create a pricing application and deploy it to a right-sized Amazon EC2 instance for more information.

(D)   Proceed with creating a new dashboard in Amazon QuickSight.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 371-  What does the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator do?

(A)   Compares on-premises costs to colocation environments.

(B)   Estimates monthly billing based on projected usage.

(C)   Estimates power consumption at existing data centers.

(D)   Estimates CPU utilization.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 372-  Who is responsible for patching the guest operating system for Amazon RDS?

(A)   The AWS Product team.

(B)   The customer Database Administrator.

(C)   Managed partners.

(D)   AWS Support.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 373-  Which AWS services may be scaled using AWS Auto Scaling? (Choose two.)

(A)   Amazon EC2.

(B)   Amazon DynamoDB.

(C)   Amazon S3.

(D)   Amazon Route 53.

(E)   Amazon Redshift.

  Answer:  A, B

QUESTION NO: 374-  Which of the following are benefits of AWS Global Accelerator? (Choose two.)

(A)   Reduced cost to run services on AWS.

(B)   Improved availability of applications deployed on AWS.

(C)   Higher durability of data stored on AWS.

(D)   Decreased latency to reach applications deployed on AWS.

(E)   Higher security of data stored on AWS.

  Answer:  B, D

QUESTION NO: 375-  A user who wants to get help with billing and reactivate a suspended account should submit an account and billing request to:

(A)   the AWS Support forum.

(B)   AWS Abuse.

(C)   an AWS Solutions Architect.

(D)   AWS Support.

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 376-  Which AWS Cloud best practice uses the elasticity and agility of cloud computing?

(A)   Provision capacity based on past usage and theoretical peaks.

(B)   Dynamically and predictively scale to meet usage demands.

(C)   Build the application and infrastructure in a data center that grants physical access.

(D)   Break apart the application into loosely coupled components.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 377-  Which method helps to optimize costs of users moving to the AWS Cloud?

(A)   Paying only for what is used.

(B)   Purchasing hardware before it is needed.

(C)   Manually provisioning cloud resources.

(D)   Purchasing for the maximum possible load.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 378-  Under the AWS shared responsibility model, which of the following is a customer responsibility?

(A)   Installing security patches for the Xen and KVM hypervisors.

(B)   Installing operating system patches for Amazon DynamoDB.

(C)   Installing operating system security patches for Amazon EC2 database instances.

(D)   Installing operating system security patches for Amazon RDS database instances.

  Answer:  C

QUESTION NO: 379-  The AWS Cost Management tools give users the ability to do which of the following? (Choose two.)

(A)   Terminate all AWS resources automatically if budget thresholds are exceeded.

(B)   Break down AWS costs by day, service, and linked AWS account.

(C)   Create budgets and receive notifications if current of forecasted usage exceeds the budgets.

(D)   Create budgets and receive notifications if current of forecasted usage exceeds the budgets.

(E)   Move data stored in Amazon S3 to a more cost-effective storage class.

  Answer:  B, C

QUESTION NO: 380-  Under the AWS shared responsibility model, the security and patching of the guest operating system is the responsibility of:

(A)   AWS Support.

(B)   the customer.

(C)   AWS Systems Manager.

(D)   AWS Config.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 381-  Which AWS service makes it easy to create and manage AWS users and groups, and provide them with secure access to AWS resources at no charge?

(A)   AWS Direct Connect.

(B)   Amazon Connect.

(C)   AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

(D)   AWS Firewall Manager.

  Answer:  C

QUESTION NO: 382-  Which AWS service provides on-demand of AWS security and compliance documentation?

(A)   AWS Directory Service.

(B)   AWS Artifact.

(C)   AWS Trusted Advisor.

(D)   Amazon Inspector.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 383-  Which AWS service can be used to turn text into life-like speech?

(A)   Amazon Polly.

(B)   Amazon Transcribe.

(C)   Amazon Rekognition.

(D)   Amazon Lex.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 384-  What is one of the core principles to follow when designing a highly available application in the AWS Cloud?

(A)   Design using a serverless architecture.

(B)   Assume that all components within an application can fail.

(C)   Design AWS Auto Scaling into every application.

(D)   Design all components using open-source code.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 385-  A user needs to generate a report that outlines the status of key security checks in an AWS account. The report must include:
The status of Amazon S3 bucket permissions.
Whether multi-factor authentication is enabled for the AWS account root user.
If any security groups are configured to allow unrestricted access.
Where can all this information be found in one location?

(A)   Amazon QuickSight dashboard.

(B)   AWS CloudTrail trails.

(C)   AWS Trusted Advisor report.

(D)   IAM credential report.

  Answer:  C

QUESTION NO: 386-  Which Amazon EC2 pricing model should be used to comply with per-core software license requirements?

(A)   Dedicated Hosts.

(B)   On-Demand Instances.

(C)   Spot Instances.

(D)   Reserved Instances.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 387-  Which of the AWS global infrastructure is used to cache copies of content for faster delivery to users across the globe?

(A)   AWS Regions.

(B)   Availability Zones.

(C)   Edge locations.

(D)   Data centers.

  Answer:  C

QUESTION NO: 388-  Using AWS Config to record, audit, and evaluate changes to AWS resources to enable traceability is an example of which AWS Well-Architected Framework pillar?

(A)   Security.

(B)   Operational excellence.

(C)   Performance efficiency.

(D)   Cost optimization.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 389-  A user needs to quickly deploy a non-relational database on AWS. The user does not want to manage the underlying hardware or the database software.
Which AWS service can be used to accomplish this?

(A)   Amazon RDS.

(B)   Amazon DynamoDB.

(C)   Amazon Aurora.

(D)   Amazon Redshift.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 390-  A Cloud Practitioner is developing a disaster recovery plan and intends to replicate data between multiple geographic areas.
Which of the following meets these requirements?

(A)   AWS Accounts.

(B)   AWS Regions.

(C)   Availability Zones.

(D)   Edge locations.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 391-  Which features and benefits does the AWS Organizations service provide? (Choose two.)

(A)   Establishing real-time communications between members of an internal team.

(B)   Facilitating the use of NoSQL databases.

(C)   Providing automated security checks.

(D)   Implementing consolidated billing.

(E)   Enforcing the governance of AWS accounts.

  Answer:  D, E

QUESTION NO: 392-  Which AWS service is used to automate configuration management using Chef and Puppet?

(A)   AWS Config.

(B)   AWS OpsWorks.

(C)   AWS CloudFormation.

(D)   AWS Systems Manager.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 393-  Which tool is best suited for combining the billing of AWS accounts that were previously independent from one another?

(A)   Detailed billing report.

(B)   Consolidated billing.

(C)   AWS Cost and Usage report.

(D)   Cost allocation report.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 394-  The AWS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator is used to:

(A)   receive reports that break down AWS Cloud compute costs by duration, resource, or tags.

(B)   estimate savings when comparing the AWS Cloud to an on-premises environment.

(C)   estimate a monthly bill for the AWS Cloud resources that will be used.

(D)   enable billing alerts to monitor actual AWS costs compared to estimated costs.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 395-  Which AWS services can be used to provide network connectivity between an on-premises network and a VPC? (Choose two.)

(A)   Amazon Route 53.

(B)   AWS Direct Connect.

(C)   AWS Data Pipeline.

(D)   AWS VPN.

(E)   Amazon Connect.

  Answer:  B, D

QUESTION NO: 396-  Under the AWS shared responsibility model, which of the following are customer responsibilities?(Choose two.)

(A)   Setting up server-side encryption on an Amazon S3 bucket.

(B)   Amazon RDS instance patching.

(C)   Network and firewall configurations.

(D)   Physical security of data center facilities.

(E)   Compute capacity availability.

  Answer:  A, C

QUESTION NO: 397-  What is the MINIMUM AWS Support plan level that will provide users with access to the AWS Support API?

(A)   Developer.

(B)   Enterprise.

(C)   Business.

(D)   Basic.

  Answer:  C

QUESTION NO: 398-  A company has deployed several relational databases on Amazon EC2 instances. Every month, the database software vendor releases new security patches that need to be applied to the databases.
What is the MOST efficient way to apply the security patches?

(A)   Connect to each database instance on a monthly basis, and download and apply the necessary security patches from the vendor.

(B)   Enable automatic patching for the instances using the Amazon RDS console.

(C)   In AWS Config, configure a rule for the instances and the required patch level.

(D)   Use AWS Systems Manager to automate database patching according to a schedule.

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 399-  A company wants to use Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to deploy a global commercial application. The deployment solution should be built with the highest redundancy and fault tolerance.
Based on this situation, the Amazon EC2 instances should be deployed:

(A)   in a single Availability Zone in one AWS Region.

(B)   with multiple Elastic Network Interfaces belonging to different subnets.

(C)   across multiple Availability Zones in one AWS Region.

(D)   across multiple Availability Zones in two AWS Regions.

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 400-  A company has an application with users in both Australia and Brazil. All the company infrastructure is currently provisioned in the Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region in Australia, and Brazilian users are experiencing high latency.
What should the company do to reduce latency?

(A)   Implement AWS Direct Connect for users in Brazil.

(B)   Provision resources in the South America (São Paulo) Region in Brazil.

(C)   Use AWS Transit Gateway to quickly route users from Brazil to the application.

(D)   Launch additional Amazon EC2 instances in Sydney to handle the demand.

  Answer:  B