AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Sample Question and Answers Set 2(51-100)

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QUESTION NO: 51-  A customer is deploying a new application and needs to choose an AWS Region.
Which of the following factors could influence the customer’s decision? (Choose two.)

(A)   Reduced latency to users.

(B)   The application’s presentation in the local language.

(C)   Data sovereignty compliance.

(D)   Cooling costs in hotter climates.

(E)   Proximity to the customer’s office for on-site visits.

  Answer:  A, C

QUESTION NO: 52-  Which storage service can be used as a low-cost option for hosting static websites?

(A)   Amazon Glacier.

(B)   Amazon DynamoDB.

(C)   Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS).

(D)   Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 53-  Which Amazon EC2 instance pricing model can provide discounts of up to 90%?

(A)   Reserved Instances.

(B)   On-Demand.

(C)   Dedicated Hosts.

(D)   Spot Instances.

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 54-  What is the AWS customer responsible for according to the AWS shared responsibility model?

(A)   Physical access controls.

(B)   Data encryption.

(C)   Secure disposal of storage devices.

(D)   Environmental risk management.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 55-  Which of the following AWS Cloud services can be used to run a customer-managed relational database?

(A)   Amazon EC2.

(B)   Amazon Route 53.

(C)   Amazon ElastiCache.

(D)   Amazon DynamoDB.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 56-  A company is looking for a scalable data warehouse solution.
Which of the following AWS solutions would meet the company’s needs?

(A)   Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

(B)   Amazon DynamoDB.

(C)   Amazon Kinesis.

(D)   Amazon Redshift.

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 57-  Which statement best describes Elastic Load Balancing?

(A)   It translates a domain name into an IP address using DNS.

(B)   It distributes incoming application traffic across one or more Amazon EC2 instances.

(C)   It collects metrics on connected Amazon EC2 instances.

(D)   It automatically adjusts the number of Amazon EC2 instances to support incoming traffic.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 58-  Which of the following are valid ways for a customer to interact with AWS services? (Choose two.)

(A)   Command line interface.

(B)   On-premises.

(C)   Software Development Kits.

(D)   Software-as-a-service.

(E)   Software-as-a-service.

  Answer:  A, C

QUESTION NO: 59-  The AWS Cloud’s multiple Regions are an example of:

(A)   Agility.

(B)   Global infrastructure.

(C)   Elasticity.

(D)   Pay-as-you-go pricing.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 60-  Which of the following AWS services can be used to serve large amounts of online video content with the lowest possible latency? (Choose two.)

(A)   AWS Storage Gateway.

(B)   Amazon S3.

(C)   Amazon Elastic File System (EFS).

(D)   Amazon Glacier.

(E)   Amazom CloudFront.

  Answer:  B, E

QUESTION NO: 61-  Web servers running on Amazon EC2 access a legacy application running in a corporate data center.
What term would describe this model?

(A)   Cloud-native.

(B)   Partner network.

(C)   Hybrid architecture.

(D)   Infrastructure as a service.

  Answer:  C

QUESTION NO: 62-  What is the benefit of using AWS managed services, such as Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)?

(A)   They require the customer to monitor and replace failing instances.

(B)   They have better performance than customer-managed services.

(C)   They simplify patching and updating underlying OSs.

(D)   They do not require the customer to optimize instance type or size selections.

  Answer:  C

QUESTION NO: 63-  Which service provides a virtually unlimited amount of online highly durable object storage?

(A)   Amazon Redshift.

(B)   Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS).

(C)   Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS).

(D)   Amazon S3.

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 64-  Which of the following Identity and Access Management (IAM) entities is associated with an access key ID and secret access key when using AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI)?

(A)   IAM group.

(B)   IAM user.

(C)   IAM role.

(D)   IAM policy.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 65-  Which of the following security-related services does AWS offer? (Choose two.)

(A)   Multi-factor authentication physical tokens.

(B)   AWS Trusted Advisor security checks.

(C)   Data encryption.

(D)   Automated penetration testing.

(E)   Amazon S3 copyrighted content detection.

  Answer:  B, C

QUESTION NO: 66-  Which AWS managed service is used to host databases?

(A)   AWS Batch.

(B)   AWS Artifact.

(C)   AWS Data Pipeline.

(D)   Amazon RDS.

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 67-  Which AWS service provides a simple and scalable shared file storage solution for use with Linux-based AWS and on-premises servers?

(A)   Amazon S3.

(B)   Amazon Glacier.

(C)   Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS).

(D)   Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS).

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 68-  When architecting cloud applications, which of the following are a key design principle?

(A)   Use the largest instance possible.

(B)   Provision capacity for peak load.

(C)   Use the Scrum development process.

(D)   Implement elasticity.

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 69-  Which AWS service should be used for long-term, low-cost storage of data backups?

(A)   Amazon RDS.

(B)   Amazon Glacier.

(C)   AWS Snowball.

(D)   AWS EBS.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 70-  Under the shared responsibility model, which of the following is a shared control between a customer and AWS?

(A)   Physical controls.

(B)   Patch management.

(C)   Zone security.

(D)   Data center auditing.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 71-  Which AWS service allows companies to connect an Amazon VPC to an on-premises data center?

(A)   AWS VPN.

(B)   Amazon Redshift.

(C)   API Gateway.

(D)   Amazon Connect.

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 72-  A company wants to reduce the physical compute footprint that developers use to run code.
Which service would meet that need by enabling serverless architectures?

(A)   Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

(B)   AWS Lambda.

(C)   Amazon DynamoDB.

(D)   AWS CodeCommit.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 73-  Which AWS service provides alerts when an AWS event may impact a company’s AWS resources?

(A)   AWS Personal Health Dashboard.

(B)   AWS Service Health Dashboard.

(C)   AWS Trusted Advisor.

(D)   AWS Infrastructure Event Management.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 74-  Which of the following are categories of AWS Trusted Advisor? (Choose two.)

(A)   Fault Tolerance.

(B)   Instance Usage.

(C)   Infrastructure.

(D)   Performance.

(E)   Storage Capacity.

  Answer:  A, D

QUESTION NO: 75-  Which task is AWS responsible for in the shared responsibility model for security and compliance?

(A)   Granting access to individuals and services.

(B)   Encrypting data in transit.

(C)   Updating Amazon EC2 host firmware.

(D)   Updating operating systems.

  Answer:  C

QUESTION NO: 76-  Where should a company go to search software listings from independent software vendors to find, test, buy and deploy software that runs on AWS?

(A)   AWS Marketplace.

(B)   Amazon Lumberyard.

(C)   AWS Artifact.

(D)   Amazon CloudSearch.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 77-  Which of the following is a benefit of using the AWS Cloud?

(A)   Permissive security removes the administrative burden.

(B)   Ability to focus on revenue-generating activities.

(C)   Control over cloud network hardware.

(D)   Choice of specific cloud hardware vendors.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 78-  When performing a cost analysis that supports physical isolation of a customer workload, which compute hosting model should be accounted for in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

(A)   Dedicated Hosts.

(B)   Reserved Instances.

(C)   On-Demand Instances.

(D)   No Upfront Reserved Instances.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 79-  Which AWS service provides the ability to manage infrastructure as code?

(A)   AWS CodePipeline.

(B)   AWS CodeDeploy.

(C)   AWS Direct Connect.

(D)   AWS CloudFormation.

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 80-  If a customer needs to audit the change management of AWS resources, which of the following AWS services should the customer use?

(A)   AWS Config.

(B)   AWS Trusted Advisor.

(C)   Amazon CloudWatch.

(D)   Amazon Inspector.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 81-  What is Amazon CloudWatch?

(A)   A code repository with customizable build and team commit features.

(B)   A metrics repository with customizable notification thresholds and channels.

(C)   A security configuration repository with threat analytics.

(D)   A rule repository of a web application firewall with automated vulnerability prevention features.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 82-  Which service allows a company with multiple AWS accounts to combine its usage to obtain volume discounts?

(A)   AWS Server Migration Service.

(B)   AWS Organizations.

(C)   AWS Budgets.

(D)   AWS Trusted Advisor.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 83-  Which of the following services could be used to deploy an application to servers running on-premises? (Choose two.)

(A)   AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

(B)   AWS OpsWorks.

(C)   AWS CodeDeploy.

(D)   AWS Batch.

(E)   AWS X-Ray.

  Answer:  B, C

QUESTION NO: 84-  Which Amazon EC2 pricing model adjusts based on supply and demand of EC2 instances?

(A)   On-Demand Instances.

(B)   Reserved Instances.

(C)   Spot Instances.

(D)   Convertible Reserved Instances.

  Answer:  C

QUESTION NO: 85-  Which design principles for cloud architecture are recommended when re-architecting a large monolithic application? (Choose two.)

(A)   Use manual monitoring.

(B)   Use fixed servers.

(C)   Implement loose coupling.

(D)   Rely on individual components.

(E)   Design for scalability.

  Answer:  C, E

QUESTION NO: 86-  Which is the MINIMUM AWS Support plan that allows for one-hour target response time for support cases?

(A)   Enterprise.

(B)   Business.

(C)   Developer.

(D)   Basic.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 87-  Where can AWS compliance and certification reports be downloaded?

(A)   AWS Artifact.

(B)   AWS Concierge.

(C)   AWS Certificate Manager.

(D)   AWS Trusted Advisor.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 88-  Which AWS service provides a customized view of the health of specific AWS services that power a customer’s workloads running on AWS?

(A)   AWS Service Health Dashboard.

(B)   AWS X-Ray.

(C)   AWS Personal Health Dashboard.

(D)   Amazon CloudWatch.

  Answer:  C

QUESTION NO: 89-  Which of the following is an advantage of consolidated billing on AWS?

(A)   Volume pricing qualification.

(B)   Shared access permissions.

(C)   Multiple bills per account.

(D)   Multiple bills per account.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 90-  Which of the following steps should be taken by a customer when conducting penetration testing on AWS?

(A)   Conduct penetration testing using Amazon Inspector, and then notify AWS support.

(B)   Request and wait for approval from the customer’s internal security team, and then conduct testing.

(C)   Notify AWS support, and then conduct testing immediately.

(D)   Request and wait for approval from AWS support, and then conduct testing.

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 91-  Which of the following AWS features enables a user to launch a pre-configured Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance?

(A)   Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS).

(B)   Amazon Machine Image.

(C)   Amazon EC2 Systems Manager.

(D)   Amazon AppStream 2.0.

  Answer:  B

QUESTION NO: 92-  How would an AWS customer easily apply common access controls to a large set of users?

(A)   Apply an IAM policy to an IAM group.

(B)   Apply an IAM policy to an IAM role.

(C)   Apply the same IAM policy to all IAM users with access to the same workload.

(D)   Apply an IAM policy to an Amazon Cognito user pool.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 93-  What technology enables compute capacity to adjust as loads change?

(A)   Load balancing.

(B)   Automatic failover.

(C)   Round robin.

(D)   Auto Scaling.

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 94-  Which AWS services are defined as global instead of regional? (Choose two.)

(A)   Amazon Route 53.

(B)   Amazon EC2.

(C)   Amazon S3.

(D)   Amazon CloudFront.

(E)   Amazon DynamoDB.

  Answer:  A, D

QUESTION NO: 95-  Which AWS service would you use to obtain compliance reports and certificates?

(A)   AWS Artifact.

(B)   AWS Lambda.

(C)   Amazon Inspector.

(D)   AWS Certificate Manager.

  Answer:  A

QUESTION NO: 96-  Under the shared responsibility model, which of the following tasks are the responsibility of the AWS customer? (Choose two.)

(A)   Ensuring that application data is encrypted at rest.

(B)   Ensuring that AWS NTP servers are set to the correct time.

(C)   Ensuring that users have received security training in the use of AWS services.

(D)   Ensuring that access to data centers is restricted.

(E)   Ensuring that hardware is disposed of properly.

  Answer:  A, C

QUESTION NO: 97-  Which AWS service can be used to manually launch instances based on resource requirements?

(A)   Amazon EBS.

(B)   Amazon S3.

(C)   Amazon EC2.

(D)   Amazon ECS.

  Answer:  C

QUESTION NO: 98-  A company is migrating an application that is running non-interruptible workloads for a three-year time frame.
Which pricing construct would provide the MOST cost-effective solution?

(A)   Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.

(B)   Amazon EC2 Dedicated Instances.

(C)   Amazon EC2 On-Demand Instances.

(D)   Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances.

  Answer:  D

QUESTION NO: 99-  The financial benefits of using AWS are: (Choose two.)

(A)   reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

(B)   increased capital expenditure (capex).

(C)   reduced operational expenditure (opex).

(D)   deferred payment plans for startups.

(E)   business credit lines for stratups.

  Answer:  A, C

QUESTION NO: 100-  Which AWS Cost Management tool allows you to view the most granular data about your AWS bill?

(A)   AWS Cost Explorer.

(B)   AWS Budgets.

(C)   AWS Cost and Usage report.

(D)   AWS Billing dashboard.

  Answer:  C